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The average US taxpayer is examined, or audited, at least once in their lifetime. You'd think it would be random when they choose someone to harass. But it really isn't.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has more data on you than Google does. Trust me, I've been inside their buildings in Laguna Niguel, CA. That pretty yellow thing over there. I've seen the massive amounts of storage used to keep tabs on your finances and possible tax problems. 

With this data, the agents go after the low hanging fruit; taxpayers who have a high percentage of being unable to prove deductions and credits taken on their tax returns. Using their expansive data collection, they've identified taxpayers the best candidates.

Some of these include:

  • Schedule C filers (independent contractors)
  • general contractors
  • lawyers 
  • cash business owners (pizza joints, salons, bars)


The IRS has a limited budget. As much as they would like to audit every single return that comes in, they simply don't have the manpower to sift through every little detail and ensure that every tax return is accurate. Keeping this in mind I like to say, and constantly remind my clients of the saying that, "the juice has to be worth the squeeze.

They do have a limited budget. They focus on the taxpayers that will bring in the most revenue to the US Treasury post-examination. The juice, usually thousands of dollars in additional newly assessed taxes, must easily pay for the man hours spent to collect it.

In the IRS crosshairs? Want to check out their game plan? Check out their Audit Technique Guides for different industries, yours might be in here too... Click here

How I help with your tax problem:

With as many cases as I've seen, I see some common IRS problems that can be dealt with quickly.

  1. When we meet in person, or online, or over the phone, I try to figure out what type of relief you need from your tax problem immediately.
  2. The IRS and/or State(s) gets notified that Authoritax is now representing you. #PutonNotice
  3. I'll schedule a sit-down with the IRS or State. I'll get every detail of your case that they have and also the current status of your tax problem and any tax debt owed.
  4. After our meeting, I'll contact you and we will figure out the best path to resolution.
  5. Some of the paths include:
    • Preparing un-filed tax returns
    • installment agreement negotiations
    • penalty waivers
    • offers in compromise
    • removing tax liens
    • stopping wage garnishments
  6. I do what it takes to forge a path to resolution that is in your best interest and resolve your case.
  7. After your case is resolved I offer some options to monitor your situation moving forward as well

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Posted on  14/01/2018 16:20 Great insight on how the IRS is going after people. Check your email. I need your help.

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